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Chipmunk is multimedia player available for PC capable of playing mp3's, mod musics and can play videos of multiple filetypes within a unique 3d window environment.

Not all just gizmos though, I promise. Chipmunk is a powerful utility. You can for example at the mo lay realtime effects on music such as echo effects, flanger and can even play in reverse.

Oh, yeah - text and image processing in the pipline too. And webcam stuff, internet connection - you'll see, should all come together and look just yummy, or at least I hope so.

Chipmunk has been created using Blitz3d and combining the very powerful libraries "freeimage", "bass", "escapi" and "libvlc". Credit and many thanks goes to them for their routines to help make Chipmunk possible. My part in Chipmunk involves the interface, internet and binding all communications between all routines.

Still big plans for CM - already huge (code-wize) - this is just the beginning....

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1: Chipmunk has its own library that it makes from scanning your hard-drive(s), using the same default folders as in Windows Media Player). When first running CM, the software will start to create the library, this will slow down the other functions a little as it will aceess the hard-drive(s). Once all folders have been scanned, the library will be saved to disk, so that the hard-drive(s) will not have to be scanned each time. Very similar in architecture to Windows Media Player/iTunes in this respect.

2: Type what you like in the search window to filter the multimedia list to the criteria you choose - be it filename, songname, artist or album name. To bring back the whole list, simply delete the text you had typed in the search window.

3: F1 - F6 will rotate the camera. You can also use the window gadgets the top to change a window's rotation without affecting the others and equally there is a gadget to change the window's position in 3d space. Alternatively you can hold down the lmb on an empty part of a window and move the mouse wheel. You'll get the hang of it....

4: Double-clicking the middle mouse button will send you to the Chipmunk Options window. For the moment it is completely empty, but it's there. Will fill it later with lots of gadgets 'n stuff that can be used to configure CM to your heart's content. Double-click the middle mouse button once again to return to the CM 3d workspace.

5: Chipmunk has it very own 'Start' button, you can open windows and start things from here - you can also quit Chipmunk from here...

6. F12 will switch between windowed and full-screen mode. How about that, then???